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Unleashing Start-Up Potential in Sustainability

Powered by Miele and TU Concept GmbH, the TU.CREATE x Miele Innovation Challenge 2023 was an 8-week incubator program designed for emerging business visionaries. Spanning from February to April 2023, this initiative aimed to deeply engage participants in the realm of sustainability. The overarching mission? To uncover and validate viable, sustainable business opportunities that can revolutionize the real world.

How Innovators Thrived under Miele’s Mentorship

Open to applicants of all experience levels and all backgrounds, the challenge offered five distinct projects, each addressing a unique facet of sustainability. Under the mentorship of experienced Miele coaches, participants were armed with crucial project insights and cutting-edge methodologies. This empowered them to not only innovate but to disrupt traditional boundaries.
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The Team Challenges

A glimpse into the groundbreaking projects explored during the 6 week long program:

Solar Cooking 2.0:

Conceptualizing a climate-smart and safe cooker to combat indoor pollution and deforestation in emerging economies.

Demand Shaping:

Crafting incentive schemes and adaptable electricity pricing models to make sustainable energy irresistibly appealing.

Energy Bus:

Innovating a product that seamlessly synchronizes HVAC systems with household appliances, drastically enhancing home energy efficiency.

CO2 Trust:

Establishing a transparent and trustworthy business model for more responsible handling of CO2 certificates.

Sustain Home:

Designing a user-friendly digital platform to demystify and democratize sustainable construction planning.

The Outcome: A New Frontier in Start-Up Innovation and Sustainability

As the 8-week challenge concluded, participants didn’t just gain sector-specific insights or skills in developing sustainable business models. They also got a taste of the fast-paced, electrifying start-up ecosystem. Importantly, all projects were strategically aligned with Miele’s corporate sustainability goals. Currently, two of these innovative ventures are under further development, with market launches anticipated in the near future.

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